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Trouble removing Burris scope bases need advice please!

I would like to remove the 2 piece base set from my Marlin MR-7 and put a one piece base like a picatinny so I can mount my scope a little closer to my eye as I have to stretch my neck now when shooting from a bench. The problem is, the bases and rings both have torx head screws and so far, I have partially stripped one of the ring screws trying to torque to 25"lbs. and also one of the base screws. The base screws don't want to budge and I'm afraid I'll either strip the heads all out or maybe even break a screw off in the receiver . The rifle is a Marlin MR-7 30-06 made in 1996 so I suspect, the base screws may have been in for years. Any advice on removing them would be greatly appreciated. I don't have Kroil to soak them with but do have BreakFree CLP or, would I be better to have a smith remove them? I just want to use a picatinny base and Burris sig. Zee rings so I can mount my scope further toward the rear closer to my eye. I think this is the bases that are on here now The scope is a Nikon Monarch 4x16x42 with SF Thanks!
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