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The good thing - is the internet / this forum - and other places is a good place to get info ....../aking it way easier to get info than it was 30 yrs ago...

The bad thing about weapons platforms in general ...not just a lot of new shooters tend to belive everything they hear.../ even on this forum have to take everything in ...and make whatever adjustments you need to do to fit your own needs - and understand the weapon platform - especially when it comes to safety issues like shell length / chamber sizes.

If I had a nickel for every time I hear someone say at a gun club or in a gun shop ....:

a "well gee, I ran these 3" shells into the magazine of my gun ...and they cycled in and out of the barrel as a test just fine...." or

b. " I tested the length of the chamber in this old 20ga by just dropping
a 3" shell in there ..and the gun closed it must be good to go
with 3" shells...

and sometimes - someone who ought to know better agrees with them ..

....I'd be at least a millionaire.....

Info is good ....but mis-information is dangerous !!
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