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I don't think that aligns very well with the idea that "well regulated" was intended to mandate government control over the armed citizenry.

But, I'm no Constitutional scholar, and I'm always happy to hear others' opinions.
I am no law educated individual either, but I do have an opinion. My thought is that in order for anything to be 'Regulated' a specified 'Authority' is required. Be that state, or federal, or even individual. The problem with individual is it ends up one big mob action, as individual opinion is just that, individual. That leaves state, or federal.

I would favor a federal authority was intended, as a federal government had been decided upon and a federal constitution created, which included a Bill of Rights that I view as an effort to 'Regulate' the new Federal Government.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

When the number of people in institutions reaches 51%, we change sides.
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