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Every time I move residence (which has been a loooot) I end up leaving them for the new owners
i too have left about 6 reloading benches behind as i built them into the existing structure.

this last time i moved, the house had an "L" shaped utility/pantry/laundry room 8'X24'X12' , there were two heavy duty benches, the former owner used the bigger and heavier one for reloading, it would take a tank to destroy it he must have had similar equipment, as my RCBS Rock Chucker fit one set of holes perfectly.

Hank15, good start on your bench, as others have said, you need to beef it up a bit, mine is 10' long,30'' deep, has 2X8's for the top covered, glued and screwed with 1/4" Masonite the bottom has 3/4" plywood where i store my brass in plastic stackable containers that hold about 500 cases of 5.56mm and well over 4,000, 55 Gr. bullets, i too suggest you anchor it to a wall, also beef up the top, it appears from the pic that the top is 1/2'' particle board, that is not strong enough, i would suggest you remove it, put 2X6/8's for your top then put the particle board on top of that, screwed & glued.

i'll follow your progress and offer suggestions.., if you don't mind. i have been reloading for nearly 60 years and still have 10 fingers, two eyes, never had a mishap, i.e. "primer detonations".

enjoy the wonderful hobby of reloading.
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