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1872s - own two of 'em by Cimarron

Almost a year ago I received a Cimarron pair of these that I had special-ordered - for the "antique" finish and for them to slick 'em up and get the triggers to 2 - 2.5 lbs. Took 6-8 months for delivery. The finish came out way cool, at least in terms of satisfying me - they look really old except that the company didn't take the lacquer off the grips and I need to do that myself. My FFL dealer razzed me about the finish, saying he could have just buried them in the backyard for a while. Anyway, I really like the look and everyone who sees them thinks they are old.

The guns shoot great, the balance is excellent and I like the large Army grip. I shoot smokeless. Fired .45LC cases drop right out, just like they do from my stainless Evil Roy Cimarron SAAs. Ammo: 200 gr. Oregon Trail RNFPs in Starlines, Federal primers and Trail Boss powder. Great fun to shoot. Only downside is I need a new pair of holsters if I want to use them in a match. Had hoped they'd fit into my custom-made SAA-frame holsters and they don't.
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