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It seems to me that you keep shifting criteria and arguments, BT.

But what they all really seem to come back to, eventually, is that you really don't want to spend the money on ammo, nor the time for training, and so you are looking for justifications.

I'm basing this on statements such as:

(You were discussing old-time writers, so these weren't your direct words, but)... to some, target shooting and any form of practical pistol competitions were really a luxuary that they just didn't have time for....

(These were your words about yourself.) For the rest of us, going out every week and shooting up your gas money to hone your shooting skills is really a luxuary from a cost standpoint.
You don't really need justifications for not spending time nor money. It's your time, and it's your money.

Several of us have pointed out that the mindset you bring into a competition has a lot to do with the value you get out of the competition; that you can look for clubs and organizations that hold competitions which stress those things you find important; that you can find competitions where you can use your preferred carry weapon (so long as you aren't too worried about winning the competition, per se - but if you are good you still might have a shot).

My conclusion is that your mind was made up before you asked your questions. At least, it sure seems that way.

If that is true, then competitions may not be for you.

I still think you might try one or two, though, as you might find that you enjoy them. You might even find they show you things you might improve, be it with regard to shooting skills or equipment functionality.
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