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I spent 22 years in Alaska, retiring and moving back to Wyoming in 94.

When I first got there hunting was great. I lived just north of Healy and the season was the month of Sept for bull moose, the first week in Oct for cows and the whole month of Nov for either.

Relatively easy to hunt, but I did mine in November because I didn't have electricity and had to wait for it to get cold so the meat wouldn't spoil.

Of late hunting in Alaska is a rich man's sport, To really be successful you have to fly out. Also you have to be pretty good judging horns. There was a limit on size (depending on area). My eyes have never been good enough to say if a critter had 50 or 52 inch horns at 300 yards.

Caribou was a fly out venture unless you were lucky and some just passed by.

Black bear are easy, they're all over the place.

Ducks/geese around Anchorage is Great. Lots of small Sitka deer on the coast.

I was in the guard and spent lots of time with the Eskimos on the West Coast, Seward Penn. I went out with them a lot hunting marine animals, but you have to be a native to actually hunt them.

Since you live in Keani, your best bet would be to take a boat and slowly travel around the lakes, Keani, Skilak (sp). I use to fish at night on Hidden Lake and always saw moose on the shore line. Brownies too. Paddling a canoe would be best but watch the wind, those lakes will get nasty quick when the wind comes off those Harding Ice Fields. Be prepared to get to shore and spend a night or two. I've done that more then once. My employer (the Anchorage Police Dept) was pretty forgiving if you held up for the weather after loosing a couple cops in the 70s because they decided to try and make it.

If you get wet, forget about anything else. Stop, build a fire and dry out (found that out the hard way too).

Fire is your friend, when things state to go bad, stop, build a fire, and think it out. Didn't have GPS's back then, but we had some good maps. Keep referring to the map, its easier to keep track then to have to stop and figure out where you're at.

I always, regardless of what else I had, carried instant oatmeal and tea. Even if your not hungry, its comforting while your relaxing by your fire. Tea more so then coffee, and I'm a big coffee drinker.

Contrary to what people tell you, moose aren't that tough. Don't go the magnum route, a 270, 308, '06 would be perfect.

I killed about 8-9 of them with a 357 as a cop in Anchorage.

As for bears, magnums, such as 338s 375 'n such aren't worth a hoot if you can't shoot them 99% of the hunters I've seen would be much better off with an '06.

Don't go the high powered scope route. It's thick on the Keani Penn. a 1.5 to 4 power are about the best Power wise. Weaver K series are clear and have great light gathering abilities when hunting early or late.

If you fly via float planes late in the season, prepare for a long stay. I got caught on Afognak one time. The lake iced over, not heavy enough for skis and too thick for floats. A thin skim of ice will tear up floats. Had to spend an extra week until the flying outfit to took me out finely sent the coast guard after me.

I will say, one of the best hunts I was ever on was via boat on the Big Souix. I spent nearly a week setting on the bank watching beaver build a damn. Not much hunting but an enjoyable trip.

Caribau up by Lake Louise is pretty good if you can get a tag.

Can't think of anything else right off hand except to say, its the hunt that makes a hunt, not the kill. Moose are nothing but work when you get one down. I killed one across the Nenana river from Lignite (North of Healy). It took me three days to get it to the boat so I could take it across the river and home.

I'm too old for that now, hunting is better in Wyoming and I can use my horse for the heavy lifting.
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