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Well folks, I haven't been able to shoot many of these guns because no body rents them. As for the FNP - can't find ANY. It's FNS and FNX everywhere (both of which have manual safeties ).

I did get to hold the others. Here's what I've noticed (on the particular gun sampled):

SP2022 - nice, it oozes quality manufacturing and quality everywhere. What I did not like was the de-cocker. It is completely mush until the end when it firms up and clicks off. Take down is kinda goofy.

M&P - quality feel, but the grip is odd. I mean, it has the right angle, but it just feels awkward (with medium grip). It comes with two mags and three grips. Good for an extra $100.

P250 - oozes quality too. The grip (medium) was absolutely awesome in my hand. The trigger pull is smooth, but it is long and I could see where it would slow rapid fire in a tactical situation. It comes with one magazine, and grips and mags are $50 each. Expensive gun in the long run. Did fit my hand best though.

I also looked at Glock, but I don't want to have to buy a $150 barrel to shoot reloads.

Anyway, that's the update I promised, and ill do another when I "pull the trigger" and make a purchase.

Thanks again guys!
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