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I went the opposite direction

In 1975 I did not have enough room for a dedicated reloading area, so used a 2x6 wedged into the drawer of an end table in the living room to mount my press on.

I still use the same 2x6, though a different press mounted on a folding portable workbench. It takes about 5 minutes to set up.

Everything (but my tumbler and the components) to load 7 calibers fits into 3 toolboxes and I can even go over to my friend's house to load. I can load up the car with only three trips.

The top two pictures are of the boxes. Left is how I store them and on the right arranged so you can see them.

The next three are 1) the press, mounting board and small box for small tools and accessories, 2) the dies and 3) accessories (scale, powder measures, primer dispensers, etc)

The bottom two pictures are of the mounted press.

Everyone has their preferred way of doing things. I was talking to a fellow yesterday who has completely dedicated loading area. All he has to do is walk in, flip the light switch on and everything is exactly the way he left it, ready to start cranking out cartridges.

Hank15, thanks for sharing and for giving me the opportunity to do the same. Your plan is an excellent one and it is very generous of you to document it.

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