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You know at one point in time if you wore polyester and went outdoors in hot/humid weather you were asking for trouble since those fabrics didn't breathe. Apparently they finally figured out how to weave polyester that it'll not only breathe but wick away moisture from your skin.

As for melting well it IS polyester. Polyester melts and it melts easily - it is also very combustible. Thats commonly known. Personally I wouldn't wear anything polyester while sitting by a fire...

About catching on things - you know how they managed to make polyester breathable and be able to wick moisture away from your skin? They wove it in a loose weave. Polyester fibers are extremely fine and when woven loosely they tend to catch on EVERYTHING! I wouldn't wear that as an outer garment. Maybe as an undergarment but not for outerwear.

All in all it seems like a nice piece and thanks for the review but I'll stick to my cotton under shirts, camo long sleeve hunting shirts and a few sprays of bug spray for early season hunting.
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