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I understand your point Virginian....

but here is an example of how this term Magnum has been used by marketing least in a 12ga refer it to as a Magnum / even though its 2 3/4" long...
In a 12ga --- you have to be careful that you aren't trying to fire a 3 1/2" Magnum shell in a barrel that is only chambered for 3" magnums or field loads...

Shooters like you and I have a lot of experience ...and understand how shell boxes are marked....but litterally every time I go to my gun club...someone asks about their shells, are they ok to shoot -- and they often, and with newbies almost all the time ...mix up the DR EQ with the length - and unfortunately have little to no idea of what they mean .....they just think any old 20ga shell will fit and fire in any 20ga gun .... / and the different shell companies mark their boxes differently ...and sometimes it takes a minute to really study what you have in the box..
But back to this OP's point on 20ga shells...I don't think there are any
3 1/2" chambers out there ...or 3 1/2" shells in a 20ga...but it doesn't mean someone won't develop one sometime soon.
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