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Thanks for the good comments but here's what I'm going to try. The ammo manf says the bullet/sabot I intend to use has an 1800 fps at the muzzle. I'll check it with my chronos to use that data. I'll sight the crosshairs POA to hit POI dead center of the bull at 100 yards. At the same yardage I'll use the first BDC line under the crosshair and shoot at the same 100 yard target. If the POI is 3" higher for example, I can play with the "Zero Range" on the ballistics calculator until I find a trajectory that is 3" high at 100 yards - which is 135 yards. So that sets the first line under the plex. Seems like I could do the same thing fo the next BDC line, see how high it hits at 100 yards also, and recalculate the "Zero Range" until I found what that yardage is.

Seems to me that would be a quicker way to find out what the distances are for the ammo I intend to use.
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