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41 mag is concealable

I have been routinely carrying a 41 mag revolver on each side, inside the waistband, for nearly a year now. Taurus 415 with 2.5" barrel. Why Taurus? Because the model 415 is in a concealable size, which I could not find in any other 41 mag or 44 mag. It has been a great gun. I know it can be concealed because I have been doing it. Right now it is loaded with 250 grain flat nose bullets. I like to think I could give a guy in body armor a thumping with those. If they did not do the job against a guy like Holmes, then perhaps I could pass it to my wife and have her fire 3 shots after which I tackle him from another angle. He would be looking at a different angle than that from which I would be approaching.
I am starting to reload. What bullet type that I could buy would be best for penetration? I could load one gun with hollow points and the other with whatever type would penetrate well if that is needed. Any ideas?
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