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Academy has Taurus 85UL's for their everyday price of $279 in just about every store I've ever been in... you're OTD for a pinch over $300. I own one and it's been flawless through 300rds of white-box FMJ and JHP.

I see them for sale regularly in the classifieds of every forum I frequent... seller is usually trading "up" for pistol or merely thinning their herd. I bought mine for the wife and she decided she hates guns after all, so I carried it for a few months, and now mine is for sale also. It's 5 months old and comes with 200rds of ammo and an Uncle Mikes, I've had multiple offers of $280 cash... just waiting for somebody here in town who will meet me FTF. I'm just mentioning this for info, not to advertise it.

I personally don't find the aesthetic beauty in blue'd revolvers, but for $200, you're getting a good value assuming the gun is in very good shape.
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