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I've posted this before but it just might offer a quick and easy solution for those of you that've never heard of the method.

Hunt club I once belonged to would often catch wild hogs & castrate the males for later taking......makes what's inedible usable. When they'd either catch alive or shoot a hog it was brought to the camp site whole and ungutted. If alive, it was dispatched via a .22 to the head. The animal was then hoisted by using a welding clamp on it's snout (makes the job a LOT cleaner in the end) and scrubbed down with a rough brush and hosed thoroughly.........removes all the sand and crap that'll dull your blade........the animal was strip skinned using a razor knife with the first cut being thru the skin just in back of the ears and completely encircling the head. The skin was then cut thru with that carpet knife to the animals extremities at about two to three inch intervals. Take care to NOT cut into the body cavity at this point or you'll have a mess. Each strip was pulled down until it just about came free and when all sections were stripped clear the hide was cut free and dropped into a waiting bucket.
The body cavity was then opened and the intestines/heart/lungs were also dropped down into that bucket. Carcass was then washed with that hose and quartered. Finish up by dropping the head into your bucket and you are done.

That method is absolutely the quickest and neatest way I have ever seen for hog cleaning. It enables one to avoid nearly all the pitfalls of field dressing, from cut intestines or bladders to dirt on the meat.

I neglected to state that the strip method also enables you to leave most if not all the fat on the carcass.......sure makes a difference when you fire up the smoker or BBQ.
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