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Yes but the textured finish is less costly to manufacture and actually holds more oil on the metal, like Parkerizing but not as good. With this type of finish you have to keep a good coat of oil on it all of the time. If I was going to leave my 870 out in the elements (I wouldn't) I would ship it off to a shop that does Mil spec Parkerizing. It has worked on thousands of military guns for a very long time. Brush a heavy coat of oil or grease on Parkerizing and set it in the sun for a few hours and wipe it off. Painted finishes can be made to look very good but are not as durable as Park. I have bought new 870s and out of the box they are coated with some nasty preservative that does look just like rust, but it's not. I have used nothing but CLP on my 20 year old 870 and it hasn't rusted yet.
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