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Originally Posted by Jeff22
Somehow some people chose to find negativity in my original post that wasn't there.
No, Jeff, the negativity is there. As new shooters have problems, so do new writers. One of the first things I learned in creative writing is that a writer cannot defend his work. It either is, or it isn't, and that is up to the reader to discern. Let's work with that first sentence.

Make sure that your basic safety & marksmanship & gun handling skills are reasonably well developed before you attempt to shoot IPSC/USPSA or IDPA type matches.
That's your opening line without introducing any particular faults or solutions. It's over-broad and makes the reader question exactly what basic safety you're talking about. Then you talk immediately about gun handling and marksmanship skills in the same sentence, and about how well developed those skills should be BEFORE the new shooter attempts.... Yeah, that's not only negative, it's confusing to a newby who might want to shoot. Where should he develop those skills? Do you offer classes for new shooters?

How would I have written that first sentence? Good question. After studying it, I'm not sure that it can be fixed. It might be best to discard it all together, and start over. Something like this:

New shooters present special challenges in club matches, mainly because they are not familiar with the protocols. We appreciate their enthusiasm and their effort, but sometimes it's difficult to coach basic safety while at the same time maintaining the flow of the match. We're trying to deal with this issue in our own club and stress basic safety and fundamentals while being a welcoming environment for new shooters.
Now, let's go down to your last sentence.

What he needs to do is a basic shooting course like MAG 20 (what used to be called "stressfire") or Gunsite 150. But he doesn't see it that way, and would instead rather try to find a competition oriented class to go to . . . which I think may not correct his problems.
So, your recommendation to this new shooter is that he spend a couple of thousand dollars, travel to Paulden, AZ, and take a course so that he could come shoot in your competition? I don't believe that I'd want to shoot in your club either. After a recommendation like that, I'd just flat-out leave.

Yeah, I'd say that's pretty negative. But keep writing. Or, better yet, maybe you should go to the University of Iowa and take a basic course in creative writing. Just sayin'.
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