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The way I do it is to, carry a good pair of thick latex gloves like the kind your wife might use for washing dishes, with you. This eliminates having to worry about any problems with parasites or anything else getting on you from the hog. I skin the hog and gut it ASAP, and put the meat in a cloth carcass bag for transport. When I get home I hang it outside and wash it real good with a garden hose and high pressure. I then pour a bottle of vinegar on it to kill any bacteria that may be left on the meat, and re-wash it again after about 5 minutes or so. It is now ready for basting with your favorite basting ingredients
and into the smoker it goes.

Since they are such a readily obtained animal in these parts, my formula is:

under 50 lbs= directly to the smoker (whole)
50 to 150 lbs= Quartered and into the freezer
over 150 lbs= Drag to nearest opening, and let the yotes and buzzards get a meal.

I'm probably a little more anal about preparation than some, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. When I hunt I'm really hunting for one to eat, so I tend to take the smaller ones if I can, but will shoot the bigger ones just to get rid of them.
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