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thats great man

I deff dont want to come off as vets of the sport must help all the new guys out. I know some take there time very serious to mentaly prepare for the match that day.

Also nothing more dis-hearting then trying to help someone and they are not taking what you say serious, giving you 110% of their atten, etc. I can only speak formyself in saying when someone goes out of their way to help me Im in racing,shooting, playing guitar, etc I give it all my all weather its trying everything they tell me, most importantly the steps that I "think" i have mastered. Seems like thats where I need the most improvement ...the steps that I "know" lol

Also most people can learn alot by just watching, really watching what the top guys do weather its how they shoot, carry themself at the match from the time you walk though the gates till the time you leave, equipment, how the maintain all their gear, the list goes on and on.

Anyway Im really pleased by the response Ive gotten in this thread, Ive got 4 emails from members all over the country on shooting tips, matches going on, classes. So a BIG ol THANKs to you is in order ! Stay safe and on target out there. TO all the newbs like myself look, listen, ask questions, and number 1... be respectful to everyone no matter their age, gear, can always learn something from everyone...good or bad
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