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Something I've noticed...on the skeet field most top shooters are using a Kreighoff, Kolar, Blaser F3, or Remington 1100. When I check out the Olympic trap and skeet shooters, they seem to favor Beretta and Perazzi. Is there a reason that the amateur crowd favors the former and international competitors the latter?
It is probably because American skeet has subgauge classes. The three o/us you mentioned all have mechanical triggers which are better when using subgauge tubes. Inertia triggers depend on the recoil from the first shot to reset for the second barrel and will often not work reliably with the smaller gauges. The Remington 1100 meanwhile is the only semi-automatic produced in all 4 gauges. Competitors can use identical guns in all gauges.

Beretta and Perazzi guns are inertia trigger guns but because international skeet is a 12 gauge only event there is no need to have triggers that can accommodate lighter loads.
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