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trying an experiment

Cut down wome .444 Marlin grass....inside diameter was way too small for a
.44 bullet. So, loaded them up with 5-8 grams of black rifle powder for blanks. Recently used a tubing cutter to cut .44 special ammo to the proper length according to Wikipedia....loaded with 6, 7, and 8 grams of the same rifle powder....specs called for .97 grams, but that filled up my brass to the point that I could not get a .44 round ball to seat, so I cut back on the load. I figure the base of .44 Special brass may be a little bit on the thick side...If this experiment works I may cut down some more .44 special brass, but make it a little bit longer....I shoot black powder cap and ball Remington and Colt replicas and will try some conical bullets from those guns at a later date...gotta find them pistol is a .44 Belgian made "British" Bulldog....similar to a Webley Metropolitian Police....mechanically in fine shape, but not sure I trust the metallurgy....therefore light loads with rifle powder....
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