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I've shot mine at 100 and 200 yards. Complete honesty at 100 yards with PP match grade ammunition, I can hit a 6" paper pie plate standing supported every time.

200 yards? I've only got to shoot it at that distance one time so far the only thing I had with me at that time was some REALLY crappy, corroded surplus. Sitting at the bench off a half filled ALICE pack I could keep it in "kill zones" on those brown cardboard torso and head target backers most ranges provide.

That rifle is the 98 I shoot the most. A very nice (in my opinion, but I'm a little biased ) 1943 German, still has all markings in-tacked, including several "black spiders" both on the stock and on the metal. No electric pencil or import marks. Oberndorf finished barrel. I'd wager I could get tighter groups but the trigger on this one (unlike my others) is ungodly HEAVY, very smooth and crisp....but heavy as hell. No one else loves their old "Schlachtross" enough to post a picture?

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