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Got a question on the 50 year rule for C&R's...

Does the gun have to be 50, or over 50?

For instance, a gun made in 1963...would a C&R holder have to wait until 2014 to buy it on a C&R, or would it be ok in 2013?
The gun must be exactly 50 years old or older.

Although my example is a bit ridiculous, you would have to know when the gun was made on in 1963 before you could buy it in 2013, according to the letter of the law. For example, if the gun was accompanied by a numbered test target dated, say, March 1, 1963 , any time after March 1, 2013 the gun would be considered a C&R since the gun was obviously made "on or before that date."

Some foreign guns have the date of test firing or acceptance stamped clearly on the gun; This is also useful in determining if the gun is a C&R.
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