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Wow. I thought Lee would have thought better. After all, he has expertly orchestrated the Yankee whipping at Fredericksburg. Did he show any unusual symptoms at Gettysburg? Like fever, nausea, headache or stiff neck?

Because viral meningitis was prevalent on both sides and can really wreck havoc on a tactical officer's thought processes. And the road leading to Gettysburg from Chancellorsville was paved with a stifling summer heat and mosquitos.
I have read that Lee had some "health issues" at the time, but it is likely an excuse for his failed attack. Pickett's charge was based on solid military tactics of the day. The enemy had been attacked on both flanks of it's line. Therefore both flanks would've been reinforced from the center, leaving the center as the weakest point. Solid reasoning. Problem was, Lee's men had to cross an open field that was over a mile long with no cover, under artillery fire the entire way in order to pull off this attack. The solid reasoning did not lend itself to the open terrain. Also I agree with Hawg. I believe that Lee started believing that his army was invencable.
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