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Probably my first post in this section even though I read most threads and a lot of them several times.

I watched the interview this morining and he said some things that were uncomfortable for gun owners. Maybe that was his intent, maybe we shouldn't be comfortable. The SCOTUS only rules on laws passed, maybe that was his message about how we should vote for our representatives on guns as well as many other issues (I hate the word "issues" but that is the only word that fits at this time for me).

Also maybe his real intent was to sell his book. May have succedded with me as I am interested in the way the SCOTUS works, maybe this would shed some light on that.

I also heard a man that refused to be put into a box, If I was a Supreme Court Justice I wouldn't allow anyone to put me in a box either.

Have a great day!
“Government does few things well but it does them at great expense” Cal Thomas “When Government Can’t Be Trusted” 6/11/2013
When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; When I am stronger than you, I take away your freedoms because that is according to my principles. Frank Herbert "Children of Dune"

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