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winchester model 12 16 guage

I picked up a winchester proof steel model 12 16 guage 28in. berrel full choke at a estate sale and wanted to know if anyone had more info on the shotgun. It is a very solid shotgun with all origonal parts. From what I looked up online it dates to 1939. the seriel number is 789xxx six digit number, is this date correct? the wood and metel finish is about %65 or so all lettering is good and the bore is in excelent condition. The shotgun feels more solid than my newer winchester pump shotgun. Also is ther any signifigence to the number 23 stamped on the trigger assembly just behind the trigger gaurd, it's just behind the trigger gaurd by back screw. I picked it up for under $200 can you tell me if I got a good deal and a little more about it,, thanks. I know that they made less 16 guages then 12's and 28's for some years and that the model 12 is a very collectable rifle, any info would be greatly appreciated,,thanks

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