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This may have been discussed before, but if it was, my search didn't find it. If so, please point me to the thread.

I am 51 (*well* over the hill). I practice at the pistol range at least once per week, I try to be heads up, I have a carry permit & I carry pepper spray to boot. The situation I worry about is being suprised by a BG. How do I create enough distance to escape or draw a weapon?

I am not in great shape. I ski or hike on the weekends, I walk a couple of miles most days, but no workouts or weight lifting. I would like to find a more interesting workout.

Being a practical guy, it seems to me that I could combine some close-quarters training and get a workout at the same time. I did read a couple of threads here that basically said that if you are over 40, don't bother. I don't buy that. Some training and some conditioning have to be better than none at all. However, it needs to be less intense than some group of 20-somethings would want.

I could easily dedicate a couple of nights a week to this, if I could find the right place. Any suggestions? I think that practical techniques are better than structured sports.
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