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I'm not disagreeing with your statutory exegesis. What I'm telling you are the facts on the ground. If caught carrying any weapon (knife, pepper spray, collapsible baton, striking implement, gun) in a designated "federal facility," you will be charged. Whether it is as a violation of 18 USC 930 or 41 CFR 102-74 will be of cold comfort to you, and of little moment to anyone else except, perhaps, your defense counsel.

Once, back in the pre-9/11 days, I had to pass my bag through the x-ray, which promptly disclosed the presence of a commonplace household steak knife - with which I planned to eat some leftover steak for lunch. They pulled it, pondered it, called over a superior before waving me through.

A much more recent case, to which I alluded in my previous post, didn't end quite as pleasantly. I was let off "easy" because I was one of "theirs," had a spotless 16-year record, and had some superiors willing to go to the mattresses for me. But some pretty heavy hitters wanted me arrested, criminally charged, and fired. I understand the discussions were quite . . . animated. Fortunately for me, the hardcore hoplophobes didn't carry the day.
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