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i deff understand

One thing we do in the grassroots car racing circles is have "meet ups" or socials cookout, talk, learn from each other, plan for up coming install days where people with more experience helps others install parts that are out of their comfort range.

In autoX we have instructors that vol for the race day..depending on how many newbies are there the instruc has 1 or 2 students. He rides with them,gives input on what they did wrong, gives input to correct them. ANd they dont have to be the best of the best in world of racing. Just someonethat knows the rules,safe, top 10 kinda driver.

I could see that to be very helpfull in shooting sports. Bt it is alot to ask of someone, but others (like myself) love helping others out Its pretty great when you can see your student getting faster and faster, and they know where they made mistakes..

I will add that there is a ton of great info on here if you search for it. More then enough to get a nice solid grasp of the basics as far as being safe and a better shooter.

I can deff see where someones nerves at the first few events would make them forget certain key steps in safety. I guess another cross over from racing ....".you have to slow down to go fast"
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