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Hey, Stargazer, if you're really homesick for the country, I can show you cornfields in the District of Columbia.

However, on the subject at hand, I think these things make an AR positively interesting, if not exactly more practical. I had the chance to examine one a few years back. Pricey by my standards but I have low standards. No offense, Mr. Flintknapper, but I like the configuration of Stargazer's a little better. I think I would find the handguard something to get used to.

I also note that everyone has a scope on their rifle. How well do you do without the scope, if you've ever used it that way?

If nothing else, this shows how versitile or adaptable the design is. But seeing as how there are new AR-10s around (at least a few), has anyone done any experimenting with other calibers for that design?
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