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Everyone Has to be aware of what's going on around them

Your daughter did well you should be proud. Believe this or not many people don't have the awareness your daughter has because of the type of work she or I do for a living. I work in the Law Enforcement community & I might noticing things that are more out of place than other's. I had something similar happen to me & a bunch of ladies I was with a few weeks ago. It was a Weds night & my best friends sister who is a young college student & a bunch of her female college friend invited me out for a few beer's & some gambling. So I met them at about 8:00PM for a few beer's. We had a nice time & decided to throw a few dollar's into the slot machine's. As we walk around playing a few machine's I noticed a guy that appeared to be heavily intoxicated & a little rough looking following the ladies & myself around. This guy followed us around the casino for 2 hours & he tried to be inconspicuous about it but I noticed him the first 30 minutes we were walking around. Within that first hour I told the girls, "hey their is a guy that's following u ladies around stay close & I got this if it goes south." So we then decided to go have a burger at one of the restaurants & this guy was pacing back & fourth waiting for the girls to leave the restaurant. The table we had I sat in a position to which I could watch him the entire time & follow his movements. They told me that they were glad I was with them because they never noticed this guy following them until I pointed it out to them & then they saw it. So after we where done eating I told the girls I would walk them to their car to make sure they leave safely. Needless to say the guy never followed us after leave the restaurant & it's a good thing for him because he would have met the Muzzle of my G26.
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