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Wild hog field dressing/skinning?

Here in lower Michigan, there are increasing reports of Ferrel/wild hogs that have escaped game farms and established breeding colonies. Although I have given up hunting (but not given up shooting), I will make an exception for any hog that I happen to see. Given that, I would like to know what the process is for removing the hair. I know that in the case of a domestic hog, they are scalded and bell scrapers are used to remove the hair from the hide before they are gutted. I do not think that a wild hog is dipped into boiling water to be scolded with the cavity open to the hot water...leaving only skinning as a option; which has to be a chore and does not leave a protective shield for processing hams or bacon in a smoke house.
So hog hunters, what is the process for wild hogs? Are they really skinned and does skinning effect the quality of the meat?
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