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How much difference does .040" make?

I was looking at my Ultra Slug and noticed the scope tube seemed closer to one side than the other. I removed the scope and measured the base - same issue. I pulled the base and found that the (3) tapped holes in the barrel are about .040" right of center.

The gun shoots ok but since the scope's mounted on the right of center, the crosshairs must be aiming left to hit the 100 yard target and I'm wondering what's the poi at 150 yards?

I have Burris Signature rings and I could install a set of .020" offset Posi-Aligns on the front and rear but that only fixes half. I think it has a Weaver base and maybe I could turn it around 180 degrees and have (3) new holes drilled .040" to the right of center.

Or is .040" nothing to get excited about? Thanks.

(I suppose I could lean the retcile to the right and then just cant the gun to the left to shoot straight . . . )
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