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I shoot without hearing protection when doing self defense drills with my 357 magnum, 22LR, 40sw, and 12 gauge every once and a while. Chances are, bad guys wont wait for me to put in my ear plugs before I have to defend myself. I personally think one should be comfortable with the loudness. That is a personal preference only.

Seriously dude what are you thinking? A single .357 round indoors caused me to suffer high frequency hearing loss and left me with tinnitus in my left ear. Chances are bad guys wont wait for you to put your ear plugs on like you said but keep it up and you are never going to hear them coming. Do a little research on the inner ear and how certain DB levels affect it. You may think your self defense drills are doing you good but in reality it's doing you more harm than anything. Keep practicing your drills, but wear ear protection.

I personally think one should be comfortable with the loudness.
Due to auditory exclusion chances are you wont hear the shots, you will be too focused on the target, but just because you don't register the shot does not mean it wont damage your ears. Often times officers in shootings think they fired 3 or 4 rounds only to find out they fired 10.

But seriously, what your doing is causing damage to your ears whether you know it or not. It may not have caused major damage yet, but you are slowly killing the auditory hairs in your ear, and its going to take just one right shot to put them over the top. If you value your hearing stop the foolishness.

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