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wow, just on the side, this looks to be just about what I'M looking for too!

holds 5 rifles, I figure once I move, at 72lbs, a buddy and I could manhandle it down the stairs.

Thanks for answering my questions on long-gun gunsafes before I started a thread!

*EDIT* I think I'm gonna commandeer this thread:
We have a kid on the way, and I'm prepping our apartment for him. I've always been one for keeping a loaded gun nearby, but now I have to worry about a child and firearms. I figure I'll safe my long guns and ammo, but want my pistol accessible, loaded and ready to go. What are y'all's recommendations on fast access/biometric safes?

My requirements are:
1. Will hold a full frame pistol with 2 mags
2. SECURE. I do not want anyone aside from myself and my wife to be able to open it.
3. Rapid access, preferably keyless. I really don't want to put a trigger lock on my pistol and have to fumble for keys in the dark, or load it, etc. Too many steps.
3. affordable (this is negotiable. I prefer quality and security)

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