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? for revolver-era LEOs (G&G speedloader carrier)

Anyone on here ever use or own the Gould & Goodrich "B494" double revolver speedloader pouch? Its the slim line one with a synthetic strip you shove in between the cartridges & snap a black leather flap over.

I just picked up a couple & they seem to have some kind of peeling thin rubber or plastic coating on the inside & it is on the snaps & central screw as well. At first I thought it was varnish or polish applied by the owner, but it is on every one of them & is disintegrating & peeling off. Anyone know what this stuff is & how I can get rid of it all?

Front & back view of the 2 units. The shiny & patchy surface effect is some leather food I put on the old dry leather before messing with it. It’s still absorbing it & so the surface is a bit uneven. Experience with other leather with a similar condition tells me in a few days it’ll all even up as the material absorbs fully & distributes evenly.

Here’s a bit more of a 3-D view, showing how the speedloaders fit inside.

There is a cutout at the top of the divider to hold the center pin of the speedloaders in place & the top cover has a cutout to hold the speedloader's release knob in place, so they are a good bit more secure than they look at a first glance.

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