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Guilty until proven innocent

After studying the briefs in a number of 2nd Amendment cases it appears to me that the basis of the argument from the Gun Control side is that all gun owners are potential criminals. In short they claim that all men are guilty until proven innocent and because of this we must deny them the ability to commit gun violence. It appears that the left wants to outlaw man. Since we all have the potential to kill man must be outlawed. But we can't outlaw man, it's impossible. So what the left seeks to do is suppress our rights. Thus man is not outlawed, only his actions are. The problem with this argument is that it is based completely on the guilty until proven innocent premise. The fundamental basis of our laws and our society are the exact opposite. Innocent until proven guilty. This is where the majority of ALL gun control laws stand, IMHO. Suppression of individual rights by assuming that all men are killers until proven otherwise. The key to the debate seems to be bringing this simple fact to light. That gun laws CANNOT be based on guilty until proven innocent.

Note that elected and appointed officials are exempt from any silly gun control laws. So much for equality. The irony here is that those permitted to have guns are the real criminals.
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