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you should give him some pointers ask him if hed like to go out to the range and shoot togethor sometime , that would be the best thing for the guy. Prob good for you to have a "refresher course"

Im new to the world of fireams...bought my first handgun 8 months ago and now own a 3 others lol go to the range atleast ounce a week, just took my CPW, did a combat shoot 2 weeks ago and it was a so much fun. Cant wait till this coming weds for the next one.

But made me understand that I need proper training, or just a helping hand for someone that has the knowledge.So I understand where your coming from but

I autox and road race sports cars and everyone goes out of there way to help people just starting out...keeps racing strong and just good karma. Plus I had alot of folks help me over the years so its my way to give back.

Dont get me wrong Ive already meet some great people at the range but at the combat shot must folks were kinda cold towards me. Lucky for me I had one guy kinda giving me the low down on scoring etc. Its kinda like car racing where you have to go slow at first to be fast.

But thats just my 2 cents. BTW I;m mike glad to be on this site already I can tell Im going to learn alot by reading alot of threads.So thanks to everyone thats shared their knowledge.
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