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Hokay, boys and girls, off we go to the handloading Forearm.

, Art

Work up to my max loads, so you don't blow up your inferior rifles. These loads work in my gun; they may not work in yours. Is that enough warning for the tort-liability crowd?

80-grain .32-30 bullet, swaged to .308: 54 grains of 3031. MV: Awesome.

110-grain Hornady Spire Point: 53.5 grains of 3031.

Any 150-grain: 52.5 grains of 4064.

165-Sierra HPBT: 51.0 grains of 4064.

180-grain Sierra SPBT: 49.0 grains of 4064.

Plinker load: 20 grains of 2400; any bullet you want.

Squirrel load: 5 grains of Bullseye or similar and a 00 ball (or is it 000?). You know, somewhere around .31 or .32 in diameter...

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