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I'm assuming that's a wildcat - what brass do you need to make it?
Since nobody answered this question... (and I have learned enough to contribute)

9x25 dillon needs 10mm brass.
You can also get factory loads from doubletap and underwoodammo ($27 per 50).

Doubletap has this
One of the fastest and hardest hitting loads to ever to be developed for an auto-pistol!

Caliber : 9x25 Dillon

Bullet : 95gr. Controlled Expansion JHP

Ballistics : 1995fps / 881 ft. lbs. 6" Lone Wolf bbl
You cannot buy yet, however, a factory pistol in 9x25.
You can however buy conversion barrel for glock 20/20SF
or you can order barrel from barsto for 1911/2011 (send them email), and then fit it into your very solidly built 1911/2011 (that has 40/10mm slide)
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