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You obviously did not read the exemptions, did you? Yes, I know the NPS and a lot of other federal buildings, THINK, and would like you to believe, that they are off limits, when in fact, if you bother to read 18 USC 930 you will see that the only federal buildings that are absolutely off limits to legal firearms (as by the State law of the state they are in, no exceptions) are federal court the LAW, not what someone wrote as a comment in FAQ.

This does not apply to PO property as that is under a totally different law and 18 USC 930 does not cover the PO, or the Army Corp of Engineers property.

This stuff reminds me of the WI FAQ on their new concealed carry law...the LE community wanted "must inform", MUST INFORM WAS NOT written into the LAW, but you would swear it was if you read the FAQ.
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