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"There are a great number of Democrats who are quite supportive of the 2nd Amendment..."
Better put, a small minority of democrats support gun rights. Thanks to the mods for cleaning up the Pew Research polling data in the other thread showing that 2/3 democrats and 3/4 of self-described liberals are anti-gun rights. That is just a fact beyond dispute. I know we we are not supposed to look at the facts, but it is a fact that if there were no RHINOs or liberals in the House, Senate or the White House, we would have more gun rights. So lets work with the 1/3 of democrats who are pro-gun and make our world a better place. Nice to have a thread where we can at least discuss the facts. BTW, the RHINOs and democrats have every right to try and supress my rights. In our Republic, votes have consequences.
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