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pcmentor29: I read where others had the stock touch the barrel when resting on bipod. Checked mine before 1st range trip, while stock did flex, did not touch barrel. Did come close. When I take stock off to adjust trigger, I plan on sanding off a bit for added clearance, just in case.

Are you getting a good solid cheek weld? I couldn't until I added the mouse pad spacer on top of the comb. Otherwise I'd be too low on the scope and have to raise my head, losing stability, picture thru scope would move around. Pic of mouse pad stack on top of comb, I know it looks goofy, but free Ruger cheek pad covers it up:

FrankenMauser: I think removing the burrs on the bases took care of issue, but I'll keep the Grand Slam rings in mind should I have further problems.
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