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While I am delighted with Judge Legg's lifting of the stay I am more than a little surprised it was issued immediately after the tragedy in Colorado. I hope we don't live to regret this.

I also find it disheartening that MD continues to reject citizen's right to self defense, as ruled in Heller, all while providing state officials with personal security at the citizen's expense. Talk about privilege. The police don't prevent crime, they only investigate crime after the fact. But state officials have personal security specifically to prevent crimes against themselves, their families, and their property & possessions. The state continues to deny citizens any defense at all while over-protecting themselves. From us. It's truly absurd. This is one of the principal protections of the 2nd Amendment as ruled in Heller. IMHO.

Here's hoping the 4th won't reinstate the stay, but I'm pretty sure they will. Bad timing & too much politics.
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