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LOL - I didn't ask if it works. It looked like it would work very well, even though the receiver is odd relative to Brownings and others of the era. He bought it from a gunsmith in the 1960s. Good question, though, for a non-serial-numbered gun.

I was embarrassed but educated by Scorch's reply, in that I had never seen a shootable non-serial-numbered gun except the WWII pot-metal jobs that were dropped to resistance fighters. I hadn't known that, pre-1968, serial numbers weren't required, nor did my gun buddies, including a Camp Perry #2 in Nationals (long ago). Guess I just had good taste, since all guns I've ever handled prior to this week had a serial number, all the way back to the 1850s.

I now fondly remember advertisements in (pre-'68) magazines where you could order any gun you wanted, to be sent to your house without any conditions whatsoever - in the time in America that my favorite columnist Charley Reese might have termed Freedom Days.
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