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Well, if I recall the price correctly it was $33 for a 25lb bag.

I cast .454's and .31's right now for muzzleloading

And I cast .38 special as well, when I can find lead. I have been buying 500 round boxes of 38 for about $35 lately because finding any lead is a pain, and if I find soft lead I won't waste it on a 38.

Seems to me if the shot can cast the .38 ok then I'd have to be saving money on that at least.

Does anyone know if that arsenic is a real health worry?

Sadly the best deal I've found on soft lead is an old hardware store that sells 5 to 6 pound ingots for about $22 each.

The only easy to find source seems to be duck weights, but it's still pricey.
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