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Bought my CPX-2 on the CTD website and I love it. Definitely an improvement over the Kel-Tec PF-9, which I also own and use as my CCW. The CPX-2 stays in my bedroom close by for home defense because my wife can shoot it as well. Not the PF-9 due to the violent recoil. Two comments: 1) You must use the slide release to chamber the first round in a magazine (direct recommendation from SCCY by phone) - can't do that with the PF-9 because the slide release is just too hard to operate. 2) It is true the mags have some pointed corners that are uncomfortable. Filed them down and smoothed the corners. 10+1 vs 7+1 on the PF-9, but the PF-9 is slightly narrower and lighter. Fluff & buff is a must before you fire it for the first time - same as the PF-9. Future tests... fire as many different types of rounds as I can to see which compatible and which are not. I'm convinced that every gun has a personality of its own when it comes to ammo they like.
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