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I personally have no experience shooting the Tokarev pistol or the round. So I'm not sure what is available for bullets. In my formative years while marching in the legions, they were commie guns and looked down upon as being the unrefined arms of our enemies.

Because they were commie guns for so long, there hasn't been enough use of them to really establish any kind of track record for their use in the US as defensive pistols.

When we became friends with the Russkies, I never got the opportunity to snatch one up and start playing with it. I am interested in obtaining a CZ version of it one of these days, but it's not on my priority list.

You might want to take a look at the .327 Federal though. Looking at the numbers on it, it would appear that it has the same potential that you are looking for or better and one those is on my prioity list.
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