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Gun Safe for an Apartment

Hey everyone,

I've just moved into my own apartment and need some advice on getting a proper gun safe for my growing collection. I've been searching through old threads here for an hour or so and found a lot of useful information, but I'm having a hard time deciding what I actually need in a safe. Here's some basic info about what I need and what I already know:

1. The safe CANNOT be too heavy. I realize this is a huge restriction and may end up making my decision for me. However, I'm in the second floor of my building and the Air Force will undoubtedly see fit to move me again, so I need to be able to move this safe around (when empty).

2. That said, my greatest concern is burglary. I definitely don't want a safe someone could carry out if they tried (so heavy, but not too heavy... you start to see my difficulty finding what I want). My AF job will keep me away from the apartment for long shifts.

3. Fire rating isn't a huge worry. I want to keep some valuable papers (passport, legal documents, official paperwork, etc.) in the safe but I'd have no problem buying a separate, smaller safe for the documents that I would keep in the larger safe to gain some added fire protection for them. As I said earlier, weight is a huge concern and fire is down the line on my list of concerns (my guns are all insured - I'd rather deal with replacing them from a fire than knowing they were stolen and could be being used in a crime).

4. Size is important - I don't want to run out of room too quickly. I have 6 long guns and 6 handguns right now with some definite plans for expansion. I'm thinking a 10-14 long gun safe, roughly, should cover all of the guns I want/will be able to purchase for a while.

5. Price isn't the end of the world but I am on a budget to an extent. I don't really have $2k to drop on a safe, but I have no problem paying for a good one within my price range.

6. I've done some searching through manufacturers and it seems like Liberty and American Security keep coming to the top of my list. So has Fort Knox, although a quick look at their prices vs. what I've heard for Liberty or AmSec has me slightly turned off. I've also found Browning's models and pricing to be attractive, but should I be worried about quality/security compared to a dedicated safe manufacturer? Are there any other manufacturers I should really be taking into consideration?

Thanks everyone! That was a pretty big info dump from me. I figure it makes more sense to put it all up there instead of telling people I'd already though about things when replies start coming in. Also, if anyone knows good gun stores or other places to find gun safes in the area, I'm stationed at Whiteman AFB in MO and would appreciate hearing some locals' thoughts on where to do some shopping for this.

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