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Originally Posted by wpsdlrg
I am well aware of what you posted....and of the intent of your post
Are you sure??
I'll post it so you can re-read it

Originally Posted by troopcom
What is HONESTLY your best 100 yard five shot group with an German or Yugo Capture K98 8mm Mauser in original condition with iron sights out to 100yards?
The OP specifically stated his criteria for the thread. You did not follow the intent. You should have omitted the first paragragh from your first post. You were answering a question that was not asked.

And as for the "P.S. Please dont give me the B.S. LINE that I've read in other forums; "I shot under an inch at 100 iron sights with mine."

Did you not see the little <sarcasm at the end of the sentence??

Just sayin'
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